Quality Assurance Test Engineer

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An engaging and talented Quality Assurance Tester with a knack of finding bugs who wants to share and expand his knowledge and skills.


Destory All Builds! - To approach testing from all angles with the express goal of fnding bugs and always with an eye on tracking down critical show stoppers.


Blog posts on DEV.to related to projects listed can be found here.


Please reach out to me via LinkedIn.

Professional Experience


Cylance: 9/2016 - 2/2019

BlackBerry: 2/2019 - Present

Full-time | Irvine, CA

QA Engineer

Testing and verification of the cloud Protect UI and RESTful APIs.

  • Troubleshooting of AWS resources using the AWS console
  • Respond to production alerts via PagerDuty
  • Manual and automated testing of APIs using tools like Postman (Javascript), PyCharm (Python) and VMWare
  • Ticket triaging using JIRA, documentation using Confluence, documenting manual tests with Test Rails, and invoking automation jobs using Jenkins

Note: Acquired by BlackBerry in February 2019


5/2016 - 9/2016 | Irvine, CA


QA Tester

Perform sanity, UAT and Ad-Hoc testing on the iOS and Android WeMo mobile app in conjunction with Belkin’s IoT “WeMo” devices.

  • Create and triage issues in JIRA
  • Capture logs using Putty, Android ADB and Wireshark
Western Digital

3/2012 - 10/2015 | Irvine, CA


Staff Quality Engineer

Created and maintained test cases, test plans and checklists, as well as weekly status reporting, bug creation, tracking, triage and spec reviews. Actively interacted with team members, other engineers, program managers, technicians and support.

  • Create and triage issues in JIRA and Confluence
  • Capture logs using Putty
  • Tested devices and software across Windows, MAC, iOS and Android
  • Worked on multiple projects including:
    • WDTV Media Player
    • Android & iOS WD Mobile Apps
    • WD Cloud Japan (Online content access to "WD Cloud" NAS)
    • Windows & MAC WD Apps (WD Sync/Access/Smartware/Quickview Apps)
    • My Passport Wireless (Internal BETA tester)
Smith Micro Software

6/2010 - 9/2011 | Aliso Viejo, CA


QA Tester

Test responsibilities comprised of manually testing company’s Mobile Hotspot applications on both Windows and MAC OS against multiple mobile devices (Android & iOS). Daily tasks included creating and maintaining test cases, reporting and verifying bugs as well as reporting status.

  • Updated existing tests to be more efficient and understandable
  • Traveled to Seattle to test Verizon’s 4G LTE w/Hotspot application & WiFi dongles
  • Found a show stopper bug (before release) which caused device to brick during a firmware update
TeleCommunications Systems

4/2010 - 6/2010

12/2011 - 2/2012

Contractor | Aliso Viejo, CA

QA Tester

Test responsibilities comprised of manual testing, drive/on location testing and Ad Hoc testing the navigation software (VZNavigator) across multiple mobile devices. Testing approaches included not just step-by-step instructions but also ad hoc testing which led to the discovery of many "off the beaten path" issues.

  • Logged issues with Bugzilla
  • Tested multiple devices: Palm, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Android
  • Created test cases based upon requirements and new features
  • Updated existing tests to be more efficient and understandable
  • Found several major issues within first few weeks where Dev stated: “No more bugs!”
  • Found and reproduced critical show stopper bug where navigation froze/crashed with loss of signal before customer reported the issue
FireKing Security Group

7/2005 - 4/2010 | Orange, CA


Lead QA Test Engineer

As the lead QA Test Engineer responsibilities included testing and verifying company’s line of smart automated safes, creating and maintaining all test cases, bug reporting and verification as well as managing other members of the QA team. Collaborated with the software engineers throughout the development life cycle to perform unit, integration and regression testing.

  • Played a key role in the development of the QA department
  • Discovered numerous bugs leading to what was called the “Field Effect” resulting in improved quality
  • Generated and maintained all test cases
  • Developed “How To” guides for the Help Desk, Product Manuals and Field Service
  • Assisted field service technicians both over the phone and on site


  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Chapman University (Orange, CA - 2005)
  • Minor of Language, Japanese, Chapman University (Orange, CA - 2005)
  • Orange County Code School (3 months - Irvine, CA - 2016) - JavaScript, Node.js, Express, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5


Skills & Tools

  • Cloud: AWS Console, AWS SAM CLI
  • Version Control: BitBucket, GitHub
  • Coding Languages: Python, Javascript, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Bug & Test Repos: BitBucket, JIRA, Confluence, Test Rails, Bugzilla
  • Tools: PyCharm, Visual Studio, GitBash, Postman, Newman (CLI), Redis Desktop Manager, RabbitMQ, VM Workstation